Dan Q found GLFBZAPA Kirtlington Quarry

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My original plan had been to come up here at the weekend to complete my 7 Souvenirs Of August, but after the sun made an unexpected reappearance this afternoon (I assumed we weren’t going to see it again until Spring!) I left my office in Oxford at bang-on 5pm and started cycling up the canal. Couldn’t have picked a nicer evening: bright but cool; quiet and tranquil.

Arrived at the old quarry at about a quarter past six and began to explore. What a wonderful old site, and with such a rich history of both industry and science: thanks for sharing!

Photo attached; FP awarded. Shall send an email when I’m back home and have pulled the requisite data off my GPSr.

Dan at Kirtlington Quarry

Looking for red phone boxes in Oxford. Can you help?

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I’m trying to index the location of red telephone boxes in Oxford, for a project I’m doing. I’m especially interested in ones outside of the city centre (it’s easy to find the ones on Broad Street, High Street, Parks Road, St. Giles, etc.). If you’re aware of any, or if you’re e.g. willing to keep your eyes open for them on the way to and from work/class/wherever for the next couple of days, I’d really appreciate it. Also happy to throw Reddit Gold at people who are particularly helpful.

Want me to send you a reminder in a few days, once you’ve been looking for them? Leave a comment, and I’ll PM you a few days later. Want to know what the project is? Find a box for me that I haven’t got on my list, and I’m happy to PM you the details.


Dan Q found GLF6XK60 St. Mary

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Took a lovely walk out here with my niece, this morning. Tried to use the counting of the scrolls as an educational exercise, but she was far more-interested in looking at all of the flowers on the graves. Had to reverse get pushchair down one path to avoid her getting nettled! Found the cache with a little help from the hint! TFTC.

Dan Q couldn’t find GC28EQZ Alchemist Quest

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After some thought, worked out the puzzle. Found my way to the GZ this lunchtime, and found both the blue portal and the other part of the clue (two of them, actually, but it seems clear which one is meant). But no luck. Hope it’s still there: this seems like a great cache and I wouldn’t want it to disappear!

Dan Q posted a note for GC54F7N Oxford Steganography #4 – Tilt

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As evidenced by recent logs, this cache has “drifted” a long way from where it belongs (for anybody familiar with the hiding place: it should be out-of-sight, but easily reachable by an arm as short even as a child’s). I’ll get down there and check up on it within the next few days. Thanks for letting me know, justinbjacobs/(S)A&J!