Cache that REQUIRES two people: should I explain why it requires two people before they set out, or not?

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Hi, Founditt!

Next month, I expect to launch a multicache with a twist: it requires two people to go to two different waypoints at the same time in order to determine the coordinates of the final stage – it’s not physically possible for one person to do it alone (even if they go to one waypoint and then to the other).

I’ll be saying all of this on the cache page, of course. But I’m worried that some people might try to do it alone, and then get frustrated when they realise the reason that it’s not possible to do it alone. I’m considering explaining on the cache page exactly how I’ve made it impossible to do by yourself, but I’d rather not do this if I don’t have to: I think that the cache will be more interesting and exciting if you don’t know why you need two people until you’re in-the-field.

What do you think? If you saw a cache with a description like that in the first paragraph, explaining that you needed you and a friend to simultaneously visit two waypoints (and explicitly stating that there was no way to solve it by yourself), would you believe it? Or would you set out by yourself anyway?

tl;dr: a multicache description says that you need to go to a waypoint and send a friend to a different waypoint, at the same time, but doesn’t tell you why until you get there – do you believe it?

EDIT: Wow; this has gotten popular. Once the cache is in place and people have begun finding it, I’d be happy to make a post here explaining how I did it. In the meantime, if you’re outside of the UK and want a few more teaser details, drop me a PM. If you’re inside the UK, or travel here often, then keep an eye out for the launch of GC591VV – “You Can’t Do It Alone!”.


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