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During the worst of my fretting about QParty this weekend, I thought that what might be best to calm me down would be to talk to my folks, in Preston, and check up on the things that they’ve been looking after for me (confirming that the venue is booked, arranging catering, etc.).

When I first called, it was still the case that nobody had managed to get to talk to anybody who knew anything at the venue, or that the bookings book was missing, or some such bollocks. But this time, my mum’d had the foresight to actually drop in at the place and check up on it in person.

It turns out that it’s a bit inside-out right now. The owners have decided that now is the best time to rennovate it, and they’re swapping the seating area and the dance floor over. They promise that it’ll be finished by Friday… so, a whole day before QParty: can’t see any risk of a problem there, then. No, wait…

In any case, everything else seems to be falling into place, so as long as we have a room (and it has walls and a bar and things that right now it doesn’t seem to) on Saturday, all will be well.

Deep breaths, Dan.


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  1. Erm…I would reply to this but can’t find yon code number thingy. Hurrah, I have something to do on Friday now, heh.

  2. Awww. *Hug*.

    It’ll be alright. Absolute worst case, we’ll post someone at the door to redirect people to the replacement venue (there’ll be somewhere). But I’m sure it won’t come to that.

    Hang in there.

  3. We’ll just load up a couple of cars at the nearest Bargain Booze :) Oh, and don’t get me started on who’s wearing what- if my dress is the same as anyone else’s, I’ll simply *die*.

  4. Hey, Jimmy! Do you want to go and see the Bratz movie while you’re in Preston? Or have you been to see it already? I remember how excited you were after we saw the trailer before 28 Weeks Later

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