Geek Night At Rory’s

Tonight’s Geek Night will be hosted by Rory (follow that second link for a map to his place if you don’t know where it is – don’t worry, it’s easy to find).

What would people like me to take there? I’m thinking Carcassonne, because it’s been getting a lot of enjoyable playtime recently and there’s rulesets we still haven’t played in recent times, the Treehouse sets, and perhaps something light-hearted like Chez Geek (it’s been a knackering week for me, so don’t expect too much in the way of intelligent play from me tonight). I assume Rory‘s projector takes component inputs in case anybody needs rules projected (which I hope is the case, because I’ve been looking for an excuse to try out the TV-out and PowerPoint viewer on my phone).

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  1. Yup component, composite, VGA and S-video are all fine. Your phone outputs component??? I assume you mean composite, but I’ll be very impressed if it’s the former ^_^ I can also connect composite or s-video to any of my Macs too. Or you can just give me the PowerPoint file :P

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