Troma Night Drinking Rules, Version 3

Paul and I (okay, okay, mostly Paul) have re-written the Troma Night drinking rules to better reflect how Troma Night works nowadays, to be more fun and interesting, to actually be online, and to give even more opportunities to invite alcohol-induced catatonic states into your film-watching experience. See The Troma Night Drinking Rules, Version 3 online now.

2 replies to Troma Night Drinking Rules, Version 3

  1. I only make it for the third film if there IS a third film. Damn my job. Though the amount of times I’ve got home from work, discovered I can’t get sleep, got back up and come to a late running troma. You’ve mean you’ve never noticed my pyjamas under my clothes?! (Okay, I only did that once!)

    I love that rule though, it made me laugh :)

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