Ready To Challenge The Crystal Maze?

Now I’ve got you excited with an interesting title, I’ll make you wait until I actually tell you what it’s about with the following announcement: beach fire and barbeque tomorrow evening; usual affair. Right, next…

A little while back, several of us, inspired by an idea of Pauls, discussed a special outing this month. Later, Rory independently came up with a similar plan. So, now, for everybody’s comment, here’s the proposals as they stand so far:

Event: Crystal Maze Cyberdrome / Oakwood Theme Park / Rory’s Birthday Party
Date: Rory proposes Saturday 28th April. I can’t make that, so I propose Sunday 29th April. We’ll let the mob decide.
Plan: We leave Aber in as many cars as we can muster at about 7:30am, arriving at Oakwood at about 9am. We enter several teams into the last remaining Crystal Maze Cyberdrome (£4.75 / head) and run around like looneys shouting "get the crystal" at each other, and then go to Oakwood Theme Park, Wales’ only theme park (£14.75 / head, but if we plan it right and bulk-book online we can potentially get 15% off by booking online) – it’s right next door. We ride some silly rides and get very wet.

Other dates: Another option would be to go on a weekday. As the date it likely to be outside of school termtime, going on a weekday can be expected to dramatically reduce the queuing time for the theme park’s attractions.

Other activities: There’s a discount on bowling when you buy Cyberdrome tickets. Especially if we’re going on a weekday and queues in the theme park won’t be problematic (and it’s only quite a small theme park), we could do even more stuff with out day, if we so wished.



  1. Raz Raz says:

    What time for the BBQ?

  2. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Don’t know. About 6:30ish, ‘cos I’m likely to be hungry by then. =o)

  3. restlessboy restlessboy says:

    sian and i are interested. we vote 29th.

  4. Feebee Feebee says:

    i probably have my diss presentation on the 30th so will have to pass. no fair

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