Upcoming Events For Aberites

Here’s a round-up of some of the things we expect to be doing (and we hope you’ll consider joining us for) in the near future. Yes, there’ll undoubtedly be extra stuff that isn’t mentioned here. You know what to do:

  • Wednesday, 7pm (tonight) – Jeramiah Night: post-apocalytpic fun. BYOB, although there’s still about half a bottle of Bryn‘s abandoned vodka left if anybody wants some.

  • Friday, 6pm – weather-permitting, bonfire and barbeque on North Beach to welcome Ele, Penny, Sarah (and anybody else who’s getting back to Aber late this week after an Easter elsewhere) back into town. A chance to eat charcoal, drink warm beer, and catch-up on the events of Easter.

  • Saturday, 8pm – Troma Night CLXXIII – starting at the even-earlier-than-usual time (pay attention!) of 6:35pm, at The Cottage, for those who want to see Doctor Who, then kicking off with a couple more educational episodes of Look Around You before beginning our main features: Falling Down, Howl’s Moving Castle (especially for those of us who haven’t seen it), and – if people can stomach it – perhaps an MST3K. Open for debate.

  • Sunday, 7pm – Red Black Dwarf Adder Night – the first ever Red Black Dwarf Adder Night, which will consist of alternative episodes (or blocks of episodes) from both Red Dwarf and Blackadder, two stunning bits of British comedy. We’ll be having one or two Red Black Dwarf Adder Nights a week to ensure we get through all eight series (plus some extras) of Red Dwarf and all four series (plus some one-offs) of Blackadder before term ends, for those of you who are students and who won’t be around over summer. Should be a great night.

  • Saturday 28th, 8pm (a week on Saturday) – Troma Night CLXXIV – as usual. Added here for completeness because I’d feel wrong writing about something the day after without tipping my hat to Troma Night… even though there are no plans for what to watch yet.

  • Sunday 29th, 7:30am (a week on Sunday – early) – this is the confirmed final date for the combined Oakwood Theme Park trip / Rory‘s birthday celebrations. Gather at The Cottage at 8:05am or the railway station (where there’s sufficient car parking space for multiple drivers) at 8:20am for seat allocation and a quick clarification of driving directions. Attendees are expected to negotiate for seats before appearing – we’ve got room for a few in Claire‘s car, and we’re aware that Jimmy‘s probably driving, ditto Gareth (although we’re not sure if he’s travelling from Aber or elsewhere).
    We’ll be starting the day at Oakwood by entering a couple of teams into the Crystal Maze Cyberdrome before entering the theme park itself. Once I’ve got estimates of how many people are coming, I’ll advise the Cyberdrome and try to book places, although I anticipate it won’t be busy. You can buy tickets for the theme park from their web site and you get a discount for doing so – so please consider doing this. When budgeting, remember to offer to pay for your share of the petrol in the car you travel in.

That’s some of the upcoming events. Just because nothing’s listed for the intervening days doesn’t mean there’s nothing on – to the contrary, there’ll probably be another Red Black Dwarf Adder Night, a Stressed Eric Night, and maybe another Jeramiah Night stirred in there at some point. So you know.

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  1. Attendees are expected to negotiate for seats before appearing – we’ve got room for a few in Claire’s car, and we’re aware that Jimmy’s probably driving, ditto Gareth (although we’re not sure if he’s travelling from Aber or elsewhere).

    I’ll be travelling from Aber. Mail me, anyone who wants a lift.

  2. Did you want me to steal Tank Girl off my friend before I head back tomorrow for this Saturday’s Troma night? And Howls Moving Castle YAY wanted to watch that for a while :)

  3. what’s your ETA for oakwood/crystal maze day? me and sian are still thinking about coming but obviously we’ll be driving from cardiff which, without checking, I think is further away. not sure though…

  4. It is further for you, but you have motorway ’til past Swansea, so you’ll probably actually get there in about the same amount of time, depending on driving style. My guess is that if we leave at 8.30 we’ll get there at or before 10 am. Shall we aim to meet at 10?

  5. i’ll liaise with ms thomas and get back to you. have you all got the same phone numbers? mine and sian’s haven’t changed in over three years.

  6. If Claire and tgb are driving and there’s room enough for us all in the two cars, I’ll hop in one of their cars- if not I’ll drive, but it’s making funny noises and I’d prefer to avoid long journeys into the dark depths of south Wales unless I have to.

  7. I’ve made it make to Aber finally. I’ll be around on Friday night for BBQ fun. I need to get out and see everyone, so I’ll see you all then :) Obviously will be at troma this week so you can steal my film.

    Sarah x

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