Troma Night At The Cottage

Tomorrow’s Troma Night will be at The Cottage. The plan is as follows:

  • 7:25pm – an early kick-off for anybody who hasn’t seen the latest episode of American Dad – The American Dream Factory – and wants to.
  • 7:55pm – a special extra treat, we’ll be watching what I believe is both the most gay and the most anti-gay music video ever. And yes, that’s one music video.
  • 8pm – kick off as normal: we’ve probably got two special guests, at least one of which is a Troma Night virgin, so the usual rules apply.

Films are yet to be announced – for the last two weeks, people have been suggesting some great-sounding flicks to me (Ele, what was it that you suggested again?), and they all sound great: bring ’em along and we’ll fight over what comes. And, in a suggestive spooneristic turnabout, we’ll come over what fights. Joy.

If nobody is useful enough to remind me of what they suggested over the last week (or people like this plan), we’ll open with the RiffTrax we didn’t get to watch a few weeks ago (what was it? xXx?).


  1. Ele Ele says:

    Who’s the special guests?!?!
    The films I suggested recently were Hellboy and Lost Boys both of which we watched, I don’t think I’ve mentioned anything else. Although next Saturday there is A Night at the Museum at 2:30 and then Apocalypto at 5:00 or at 8:00 so we should definately do one of those or both! :)

  2. The Pacifist The Pacifist says:

    Yes, it was xXx. We would have watched it a few weeks ago but the DVD wasn’t available at Pier…

  3. Dan Q Dan Q says:


    Long-term plan for Apocalypto is to watch it on March 3rd or whenever it is when there’s a lunar eclipse right before Troma Night starts, as part of an “eclipse”-themed Troma Night.

    Thanks anyway.

  4. Becky Becky says:

    Bex has ‘Farce of the Penguins’ (short and quite funny even if you haven’t seen ‘March of the Penguins’ which I presume it’s a spoof of)and ‘Idiocracy’ (what happens in the future when the average human IQs has have fallen to about 60 because we don’t need to think any more having created a high-tech life that runs itself and the two cleverest people in the World are a prostitute and a twit from the american army who were frozen during a forget experiment 3000 years before – OK once you’re drunk). Mum x

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