Seven Hundred Pounds Less Poor Than Yesterday

I received a cheque this morning for just over £700 from my bank. Legal bollocks means that I can’t tell you in public forum (privately, with friends, is probably okay) how or why I got it, or even the background behind it, but rest assured I’m very happy to receive it and I’m glad I didn’t have to go as far as court. ‘Cos then I’d have had to iron a shirt or something.

In completely unrelated news, is a great website. I particularly like the use of colours and stuff and the way their forum is run.

WOO! And stuff.

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  1. […] It’s been a fastastic weekend overall. First came my surprise receipt of several hundred pounds from my bank, yesterday. Then came an enjoyable Troma Night on Saturday evening, which could only have been made better if everybody hadn’t got beds to go to. Then to top it all off came last night’s promised open mic comedy night at The Angel. […]

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