The Abnib Real Ale Ramble 2006

Following the success of last year’s Abnib Real Ale Ramble, we’re going to do it all again! All the walking! All the freezing temperatures! All the fried breakfasts! All the broken feet! And all the tasty tasty ale. And all on the weekend of 25th/26th November 2006.
I’m sure you want to come along, and you’re probably more than welcome. I’m currently working on sorting out self-catering accomodation, which should be at least partially arranged by the end of the week, but what I’m sure you’re all actually wondering is… where is the wiki?

Well, rest assured, there is one. And a mailing list too, no less. I’ve already added to the mailing list the names of pretty much everybody who’s ever expressed an interest in the Real Ale Ramble, so it’s pretty heavy right now, but I’m sure some folks will wimp out and unsubscribe soon. If you’re on the list, you’ve probably already received an e-mail from me. Good for you.

Either way, go read the wiki now:

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  1. Signed up to the wiki am coming, need accomodation. Also transport (don’t worry will come/leave from Aber). If you can help with this would be good and paying my way not an issue.

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