A Town Called Eureka Presents “Troma Night”

Matt made a blog post about a TV series – A Town Called Eureka – which he’s been watching. In episode 4 (which has just been broadcast in the UK, two weeks behind the US schedule) several of the characters get together in a cramped space full of technology to watch films, once a week. Matt observes that everything in this segment of the episode just reeks of Troma Night – all that’s missing is a sponge-throwing and a Hollywood Pizza delivery to make the two identical.

I’ve put a copy of the relevent scenes online: click here to watch. You’ll need Flash Player version 8 or above and a reasonably-fast internet connection.

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  1. Me and Andy watched the same episode of A Town Called Eureka last night (well, most of it) and made exactly the same comment!

  2. […] We’ve been watching a little of A Town Called Eureka of late, following the discovery that Matt watches it and so does my mum. We watched the first episode earlier this week, which I found to be well-performed and a great idea… but terribly realised. Nonetheless, I thought to myself, it was a pilot episode and they are often shaky, so last night we watched the second episode. […]

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