Geek Night. 3am.

It’s been awhile since Geek Night went on ’til 3am. And what a Geek Night. I’ve just introduced the usual crew to a board game (or will it end up as a computer game?) I thought up earlier in the week, and after a few playtest games to refine the rules and the cardset, we’re really getting together something which is really enjoyable and a great laugh. It’s like… Fluxx meets nanofiction. Like the trading element of Settlers of Catan meets the backstabbing of Munchkin, but with a better definate-length and less last minute struggles. It’s got the exciting close finishes of Il Principe but it’s as easy-going as Carcasonne.

Well… I like it anyway. And it got great feedback from the folks who sat around for three games of it this evening.

I’m thinking of calling it Neumann. Watch this space.

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  1. Binkytron Binkytron says:

    Yeah, had a good time- the game has good potential too. Although you did give me too much absinthe. I danced at the bay. DANCED.

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