Operation: Collaborative Cottaging

Tomorrow’s the big day when Claire and I move virtually everything we own from The Place to The Cottage. We’re picking up the keys at 9am, and we’re likely to be doing our first unloading at about 9:30am.

This is where you come in. Yes, you! While we could probably manage this box-moving farce all by ourselves, we’d rather have the company of our friends to help us lift heavy things, push things around, pack things, unpack thinigs, and shout at Claire when she keeps trying to get away with sitting down and doing nothing or at Dan when he tries to ride any wheeled box or filing cabinet down the hill. In exchange for your help, we’ll supply you with food and probably booze throughout the day; plus you’ll get to see The Cottage before it gets filled with people next weekend for Geek Night and, perhaps, Troma Night.

But better than that, you’ll earn our love and respect, which will be dispensed in multiples of 1, 3, 5 and 10 unit “Love And Respect” vouchers, redeemable for sexual favours at The Cottage’s gift shop.

If you can’t help on Monday there’s always Tuesday and Wednesday, when we’re also likely to be moving stuff and cleaning up The Place. Vouchers have no cash value and are not actually redeemable or existant. The Place, The Cottage, Love and Respect are copyrights of Dan & Claire’s Marvellous Journey Ltd. The Cottage gift shop may or may not actually exist. Food will probably be provided by Upper Limit Cafe and Burger King – at least until all the kitchen stuff is moved in – and alcohol by Thresher and Kanes, but this is open to negotiation and liable to change without notice. If you want to help, please phone at least quarter of an hour before you can turn up to save you from walking to the wrong place and finding us not there, natch. Bring your own umbrella.

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  1. Apologies for not being able to help out with the move – I’m afraid work rather got in the way. Hope the unpacking goes well (I’m free on Thursday should you need the traditional cup of sugar) and, of course, should you not be properly settled in by Sat you’re welcome to have Troma night here.

  2. […] Well; the move was a successful one, although – as always – moving house is an excessively stressful and difficult experience. The weather remained good, and we’re very grateful to friends like Matt, Andy and Jimmy for all their help with the move. Claire and I still haven’t finished unpacking – the living room and bedroom are still full of boxes, although the kitchen, study, and utility room are starting to look as they should – but the important things are working: computers, network, internet connection, and so on. I thought I’d commemorate the new internet connection with this blogpost. Perhaps, if I can find the box that the batteries and the link cable are in, I’ll take some pictures and put them on here. It’ll also give me an incentive to keep unpacking stuff. Just like last time, I’ve come up with a convenient way to make available to you all our new address and phone number (yes, the phone number has changed) without too many crazy stalker types getting hold of it without excessive effort. Just do the “Where Is The Cottage?” quiz and you can get all the information you need – all you need to do to answer the quiz’s questions is know a little bit about The Place, where we lived previously. Off you go. Right; better start reading some of these million e-mails I’ve received while I’ve been offline. […]

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