Right; off to Harlech today with Claire and some Singaporeans. No, if you don’t know or can’t work out why, it’s probably best that way.

In any case, we’ll be back for 7pm for Doctor Who and Troma Night at The Place. The second-to-last ever Troma Night at The Place…

Saw The Hills Have Eyes and Hostel at the Arts Centre Cinema‘s “Horror Double Bill” last night. The former was a mediocre horror flick which improves dramatically once you’ve got a lone guy fighting mutants with a baseball bat in a desert. The latter was a pretty good psychological thriller with a charmingly well-paced warm up and character introductions before everybody starts being mutilated: it’s improved by the fact that there’s surprisingly little gore – at least to begin with, with the sound effects making implications for themselves as to the content – but I’ve a feeling it’ll be ruined by a sequel.

I feel that we’re certainly making the most of the bank holiday weekend: too much, even, perhaps. With Faye‘s birthday (and some shopping for jungle-themed stuff, of course) tomorrow, Troma Night, this trip to Harlech, and whatever-it-is I’m supposed to be doing on Monday (can’t remember what it is, but I’m pretty sure I’ve arranged something… it’ll come back to me)… and meanwhile, what we should be doing is packing in anticipation of our upcoming house move. We’ve got a lot to do. Ah well.

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