Sundeep’s Birthday and Snowdon

Sundeep had decided that we were to celebrate her birthday by climbing Snowdon, so that’s what we did. My legs are sore now, not least because I thought it would be wise to jog most of the way back down again.

Here’s the piccies. As before, if you read this on my blog rather than on Abnib or in your RSS reader or whatever then clicking on the pictures will start a slideshow-like pop-up thingy that’s ever so cool.

More pictures are available in the Abnib Gallery: Sundeep’s 21st & Snowdon Trip.

7 replies to Sundeep’s Birthday and Snowdon

  1. That looks so awesome, but where’s the snow? False advertising methinks. Is it possible to sue Snowdon? Maybe sue the Welsh Assembly. They could change the name to Temperatedon. I’m no geographist, that’s for sure, but someone should sort something out.

  2. Interestingly, there was snow – even at this time of year – tucked into caves out of the way of the sunlight. Not much, though, and I don’ think that anybody photographed any.

  3. Heh heh. Score one for anonymity! I’m Tom as in Katie’s Tom. I just scored a Live Journal last week so I’m investigatorising things. I’m a late bloomer…or something to that effect.

  4. Ah; you’re *that* Tom. If only you’d put your (new) LiveJournal address in the URL field when you’d posted your comment, I’d have known!

    Late bloomer? Perhaps – seen how far back my archives go?

  5. Take that Web-Master. I, Captain Blog, supply you with my Live Journal address. *POW!* *ZAPP!!* *WHAM!* (in particular “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go).

    I have seen how far your archives go back and I am in awe…or bored, one of the two.

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