The Flat Is Tidy

Thanks to JTA for his help. Huge thanks to Matt (temporarily minus his hat) for his help: feed the guy oatcakes and rum and he’ll mop your floor! Winnage!

This is, of course, a result of the anticipated sale of the building we live in. The owners of MG’s cafe, below us, and – in fact – the whole building, are selling up and leaving. I’m not sure if this is what they’d planned all along – to buy the building, renovate the café, and sell it at a profit – but it’s at least a little bit inconvenient for those of us who live there and don’t know if and when we’ll have new landlords and whether or not they’ll want tenants (for instance, one of the prospective buyers when the building last came up for sale would have wanted to turn The Flat into a home for themselves).

But hey; The Flat is clean. Come see.

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  1. Of course they’re not photoshopped! And to prove it, I’ve invited trustworthy singer/songwriter Tina Turner to stand in The Flat while I take a picture.

    Tina Turner in the Tidy Flat

    She’s singing about how clean and tidy it is. Now do you believe me?

  2. Nah. I think you just got a photo of Tina Turner standing in the Flat, and airbrushed out all the pizza boxes. That’s why her feet are so far apart; she’s trying to find the empty bits of floor to stand on.

  3. Actually I’ve broken into your archives and found the original of the tina turner image – which suggests she may have made her statements under duress.

  4. I’m too shocked to even comment on the state of the flat……… However, if you are likely (??) to be moving sometime
    soon would you like first dibs on Sarah’s old bed (the double high-sleeper that you might have used on one of your
    visits)? It’s in reasonable nick, with a matress and ladder and has been dismantled (all screws and bolts are there).
    If not it’ll probably be going in quids in. If you want it (or might), e.g. for guests I’ll put it in temporary storage.

    You can’t stand up underneath it (well….. Claire probably could) but can get a desk and chair under it, cupboards and such
    and can certaintly sit beneath it. It’s about a six foot six cube in volume.

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