Knightmare – Season 5

Thank you UKNova. Knightmare season 5 has just made an appearance online, and the torrent is downloading at a pleasant 48KB/s. That’ll do.

Whoever’s in town is welcome to a Knightmare Night on Tuesday.

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  1. Hi there, I recently saw an episode of knightmare on challenge and it really did bring back alot of memories. I have been looking around all over the internet to see if I can find any knightmare torrents to download. I have managed to get seasons 1 – 3 but that is all I seem to be able to find.

    UK nova won’t allow me to sign up as it is full and from what I understand it is very difficult to actually get an account with them. Which brings me to ask you if you know of anywhere where I can get hold of season 5? Any help would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks in advance – Gary

  2. Afraid not. All of my episodes came from UKNova or Usenet. There are none on the former for the time being, and account registration oppertunities are rare. Not sure about the latter. Good luck.

  3. OK thats fine. Thank you for your quick reply, I very much appreciate that. I shall just keep a look out, no doubt they will show up at some point or another. :-)

    Thanks again.

  4. when i was ayoung kid i used to love this progrqmme. i fount it the best thing ever to watch and was glued to it. i cn only find 1-3 aswell i wish they cud bring it out again . newer series stuff this rearly was my fave tv show of all time.

  5. Hi all….Knightmare season 1 – 8 is currently being hosted on UK nova. It weighes in at a hefty 9GB download but it appears to be all eight seasons in one handy download. Just thought I would bring this to light incase anyone was after it.


  6. 24 hours later and 56% and counting. Such a massive download, but the entire 8 seasons. Ripped to perfection, small price to pay. It seems credit must go to someone by the name of bombus. As I have had such problems in the past finding anything beyond season 3 I thoight it would only be right for me to share this information with anyone who was seeking the same thing as me. My advice is to download this and have 2 DVDs at the ready, no other torrent sites have this, so burn baby burn. ;-)

    All the very best


  7. PS – Just noticed a few grammar/spelling mistakes in my previous post. Stag parties are never the best for the mind and soul.


  8. Hey Gary – UK Nova aren’t letting people sign up at the moment :( Any idea where if I can get them elsewhere? I’ve just downloaded series 1 and need to feed my addiction!! Drop me a line if you can – Cheers

  9. are now accepting signups, just logged in and am downloading season 1-8 at 140k/s. Now is the time to strike

  10. I just tried to register at UKNova but they’re again not accepting registrations. Like the above posts i can only get my hands on season 1 – 3. Can one of you nice folks that have managed to get season 1 – 8 make a torrent and post the tracker here? I’m sure it would be popular and it would be greatly appreciated.


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