Uplifting Text Message

Just received the following text message from my sister:

me and mum just saw Reb D and she was fat, and had clothes on that did not match, and Frizzy hair, and we thought of u. love us Xx

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  1. Possibly. But in any case, it really pleased me for a moment that my sister would send me a message that made me smile as much as this one did.

    Wonder if she’s just visiting or living back in the UK… perhaps the Spaniards got sick of her and threw her out.

  2. As some one else who’s had her in the past (in fact b4 Dan) .. It scares me too !!!

    Saying that she was always on the chubby side with a world owes me a living attitude ;0)

    Guess Spain/Airtours was no good for her as its run up to the holiday season if she was still working she would be there now !

    Oh yeah Hi Dan long time no see.. I Always remember that big silly hat you use to wear around the shop when reb was lerking after you.

    The Old Yellow Van Man..

  3. Wow; didn’t know you read my blog, Jon, or even knew of it’s existence. Cool.

    If you’re still in the Lancashire area… look out: Reb’s about.

  4. yeh…but putting it on the internet just aint nice, it was a joke for you not the rest of the world!

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