Some Pictures From My Phone

Some pictures I just extracted from my phone:

ASSA are branching out. Not just (experi)mental music, they do locks, too!

Old Nightline Publicity
This sticker was found in the ladies toilets underneath the library on Llanbadarn Campus. I think it might be a little out of date… look at the phone number!

Paul & The Dragon
Paul & his dragon. I’m not sure whether or not the person who sent me this picture wanted it to be put online, so I’ll assume that they did…


  1. The Pacifist The Pacifist says:

    Wait a minute… did Claire send that to you?

  2. Claire Claire says:

    Coulda been me. Don’t remember doing it though…

  3. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Yes, it was Claire. No, not the Claire who just admitted to it.

  4. Ruth Ruth says:

    Too many people called Claire! One of them is going to have to be renamed Bob.

    I don’t really mind which – what does everyone else think?

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