All Looks Well

I can appreciate how Andy feels: all seems pretty ‘well’ in my little corner of this little corner of the world.

Friday’s Geek Night involved a four-hour long, six-player game of Knights & Cities Of Catan, which Andy won, perhaps contributing to his good mood.

On Saturday, Troma Night was particularly laid-back and relaxed. This was, of course, partially a result of the server outage last week, as a result of which we had not been able to plan what to watch. But I suppose it’s also because a lot of the people present had recently completed large academic projects, including, in some cases, their dissertations. We watched a 1928 silent movie, an anime action film, and “Blood Gnome“, perhaps the least awful of the awful films I’ve ever seen, despite the unforgivable mistakes in framing shots, continuity, acting, plot… nice gore effects, though. And next week’s Troma Night looks promising, too. Or “radical”, or “hot”, as I probably should say, considering it’s theme.

Tonight, of course, is Knightmare Night, and tommorrow Claire and I are off to see The Australian Pink Floyd Show in Birmingham NIA (thanks Dad!)… so it’s lined-up-to be a fun little week.

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