My Footbone Hurts

I dropped a saxophone stand onto my foot this morning and I think I might have broken my little toe. I’ve not broken a bone before, but my foot feels exactly like people who’ve broken bones in their feet have said it feels: a dull pain in the affected area at all times, coupled by sudden, moderate-to-severe pain when pressure is applied. There’s no visible damage on the surface, but it’s giving me a decent limp.

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  1. Yeah, it’s nothing to worry about. I once broke both my little toes in a single rugby match- you limp for a week or so and it heals up fine.

    Now little fingers, then you need to go to the docs. Trust me on this.

  2. People keep saying that they can’t post comments here; that the “security code doesn’t work”, so I’m just testing it now…

  3. Working OK now Dan. Was getting an error message saying the security code I’d input was wrong earlier (tried three times – I’m sure it was the same code as the one shown).

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