Don’t you hate it when you can’t draw the line in your memory between your dreams and waking life: I’m very hazy on last night, and can’t remember whether a conversation took place or if I just dreamt it.

I’m more certain, however, on a nightmare I had last night: Claire and I bought a villa in Cyprus and went to live there. But as we were moving in, we ended up arguing about the way that we would like to decorate the place, which turned nasty, and I ended up sleeping on the couch. I think it says a lot about you when nightmares of being chased by things are replaced with nightmares of domestic arguments. Ah well.

Watched the remainder of Blackadder last night with Claire, Ruth and JTA . And played some more Settlers Of Catan, in which JTA barely pipped me to the post… again! That’s the fourth time he’s just-barely-beaten-me, out of four games we’ve ever played together.

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