Productive Weekend… Perhaps

This post has been censored at the request of S******. See: all censored posts, all posts censored by request of S******.

Not quite so productive a weekend as I might have hoped, but still – plenty got done. Geek Night on Friday is best described by Ruth. Saturday saw me interviewed by some Theatre, Film & TV students who are doing a documentary on Nice ‘n’ Naughty, having seen my blog entry reviewing the shop. And then, joined by Ruth, JTA, Bryn, Claire, Liz and Paul, I found myself in front of the camera again, this time in a full afternoon’s rehearsal of many of the “group” scenes for The Great Free Publicity Campaign, a film we’re hoping to start shooting before the month is out.

Troma Night was particularly good – the so-called themed “Bogart Night”. We watched The Maltese Falcon (I’d seen it as a child, once, but been too young to actually appreciate it), Casablanca (still fab), and the MST3K cover of Overdrawn At The Memory Bank. The latter stars… and I use the term loosely… Raul Julia, who later went on to become Gomez in The Addams Family before once again losing his credibility by appearing in Street Fighter (the movie – not Street Figher: The Movie, the game: I kid you not). In the film, Raul plays a guy in a future in which people take short vacations by transplanting their personalities into wild animals: while inhabiting a baboon called Daisy, his real body goes missing and his personality has to be moved to the mainframe computer for safekeeping, which he breaks into. What’s that got to do with Humphrey Bogart, you ask? Well, it repeatedly references Casablanca, including footage taken from it… or, as Crow T. Robot put it, “Never show a good movie in the middle of your crappy movie.”

Paul’s got some odd plan for next week’s Troma Night, involving formally inviting people [!]. Not sure what that’s all about.

And on Sunday evening JTA, Ruth, Claire and I – joined by Jimmy, who’s back in town, and briefly by Sundeep, who was busily pirating music – watched most of the third series of Blackadder, before JTA started falling asleep and had to retire.

Apart from that: got a little work done on the research for a report I need to write, but not enough to really call it “progress”. Got a little work done on some code I needed to write to allow a project I’m working on to be multilingual, but not to any great depth. Hmm… doesn’t sound like such a productive weekend, anymore…

Edit: Oh; and there’s now a little bit of publicly-available information about TheFilm.

Edit2 – 19 September 2017: certain details were removed at Sundeep’s request.


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