Dan And Claire’s Grand UK Tour

Well, the plans are set now.

On Thursday night (or Friday), Claire and I will be travelling up to Preston to spend the weekend with my folks. Hopefully my gran will be able to make it down, too. We’ll also get a chance to look at the new puppies (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3), who’ll be barely two weeks old by that point.

Then, on Monday, we’ll travel down the country to Norfolk and spend a few days with Claire’s dad, returning to Aber on Thursday (31st March).

Of course, this means that we won’t be around for Geek Night on Friday (which is cancelled) or Troma Night on Saturday (which Paul is taking charge of).

By the way – you’re (probably) looking at the new ‘style’ of my weblog. Comments welcome.

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  1. I like the new design. I also like the new anti-spam thingy, it is pretty and colourful and not so easy to forget about (your old blog used to call me a spambot regularly…)

    Woo, categories! Many many categories!

    Does this mean you’re turning into a filing-obsessed civil servant type?

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