Seymore Butts

Is this actor real? Seymore Butts (say it out loud) is listed on the IMDb, director of such films as Anal Surprise Party, Female Ejaculation Review, and Tongue In Cheeks, as well as over 60 other films. Also performed in 50 films… most of which don’t have an IMDb score…

…so it’s an anonymous pornstar with a thing for doing it up the arse, big deal. But here’s the interesting thing: he was most recently in a film called Slaughter Party, which also starred… Lloyd Kaufman.

The world is a funny place.

In related news, you can read the full story of Will Keenan‘s appearance on the Troma Night bulletin board, including a video we sent back to him and Lloyd, thanking them, on a special thread we set up. Have fun!

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  1. I’m sure I saw the beginning of a documentary on Seymore Butts on channel 5 a couple of years ago. He seemed like a man dedicated to two things – his family and porn. Most of his family were in the porn industry too as far as I remember, with the gramdma proud of their fame and fortune. It’s nice that some families are relaxed and accepting and not all repressed like mine :)

  2. Relaxed and accepting is one thing, but it still takes a particular dedication to work in pornography, IMHO. Still; interesting. I’m assuming it’s a pseudonym, or that means that he’s working along side Mrs. Butts, Granny Butts, etc… and if they do any gay porn, that can star somebody called Fag Butts.

    I’ll get my coat.

  3. Probably worth pointing out that “Slaughter Party” is *not* a porno. Plus, it also stars Trent Haaga, who was also in Terror Firmer and Citizen Toxie (and the Tromaville Cafe). I don’t know. Lloyd seems to have a thing for porn stars… There’s a bit in “Make your own Damn Movie” where he talks about how there are loads of porn stars desperate to star in a “proper” feature film, so they can be really cheap…

  4. Yes, of course it’s a pseudonym, there is no ‘Granny Butts’. If I worked in porn I think I’d have a sense of humour about it too.

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