Things Bots Shouldn’t Learn

This afternoon, I’ve taught Iggy, the robot who looks after the RockMonkey ChatRoom:

  • How to play The Game. Damn – I’m out. He’s not very good at it, and, by proxy, neither am I.
  • Comprehension of facts expressed as “concept ARE fact”, rather than “concept IS fact”, and about knowing “who” people are (ask “Iggy, who is Ava_Work”, for example, or teach him who other people are…).

The by-product of this is that I’ve been learning to program in Tcl. And as a result, discovering why nobody writes in Tcl. Here’s a quote from, which I found in the bMotion source code:

<Procyan> is there like 1 person on earth that knows tcl/tk and is writing all of the apps?
<unSlider> procyan: no, there are a bunch of people who dont know tcl/tk but are writing apps for it anyway

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