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Do you remember in the middle of last week I finally discovered that I could make Firefox have all the features I loved in Opera, using plugins? Well; I’m honoured to report that my comments haven’t gone un-noticed: I’ve recieved a comment on that post from Jonny Axelsson, dude who does standards-related stuff for Opera. To save you going back there, he writes:

In the meantime we’re getting out Opera 8, so it would be even harder to compete…

Not much to say on the matter, but hey. I tried Opera 8 beta, and it’s fab, but it’ll need to improve on the web developer and adblocking things if I’m to re-adopt it as my browser of choice. That said, I’m still using Opera at home, because I haven’t been bothered yet to download all those Firefox extensions that make it “as good as ” Opera for the things I need in a browser.

Right – Shrink is here – time to break the internet again.


  1. I can agree that we haven’t added much general web developer tools lately, though we have added quite a bit for people wanting to develop for phones phones or speech.

    Though we haven’t done much lately, others have. You might for instance want to look into the web developer toolbar.

  2. Denyer Denyer says:

    Forgive my ignorance (I ditched Opera back in the days there were noticeable rendering differences between incremental versions, and see no reason to use a browser with ads now) but have they thought to include functionality equivalents to things such as Nuke Anything? Or be that one of the developery things ye be referencing?

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