Wiki Scissors, Stone, Paper

Thanks to Matt for the idea for this one – on the RockMonkey wiki, it’s now possible to play Scissors, Stone, Paper! For some reason, I keep losing, but it’s supposed to play fair! See for yourself.


  1. Fiona Lane Fiona Lane says:

    Computer and I drew at 18, and many times before that, it was winning all the time until about 8, then I figured out what it was doing some of the time.


  2. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    To figure out what it’s doing is quite impressive, as it’s entirely random… supposedly.

  3. Fiona Lane Fiona Lane says:

    Well I felt that I was getting better at playing it anyway.


  4. Fiona Lane Fiona Lane says:

    been playing again, I played randomly and at 62 each we have been drawing again. Drew again lots in between but again at 120 games each- I will stop now. It seams to be about eacen if you do it in the patten of michael rows the boat ashore.


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