50 GMail Invites!!!

This is just silly. I have 50 – yes, count ’em – 50 GMail invites. Nope; 49, now. If you want one, shout. And yes; Becky, I’ll sort one for you as soon as you tell me where to e-mail it to.


  1. andyr andyr says:

    i’ve got about 16. how lame.

  2. sarah sarah says:

    ive been given 50 now, anyone want one?

  3. becky becky says:

    i want one. and dayz

  4. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    I sent you one to your e-mail address at your dad’s house, ages ago. Pay attention, Bex.

  5. I realise this is quite a bit after the fact, but can I have one if you’ve still got them?

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