Bug In Internet Explorer… But How Do I Tell Anybody?

This morning, I found a bug in Internet Explorer. I wasn’t using it, of course, but I’d sent a Macromedia Flash file to a colleague by e-mail, who opened it in IE, but couldn’t.

It turns out that Internet Explorer can’t cope with opening Flash (.swf) files from the local file system, if the filename contains an apostrophe (e.g. “Dan’s Pictures.swf”). Crazy little bug, but I’ve tested it a little and it seems that this really is the case. But how do I report it?

Microsoft‘s web site, despite a redesign, is a sprawling mess. Eventually I gave up and submitted it as a ‘feature request’. I submitted PNG-support as a feature request, too, because it would be nice if sites like Abnib looked as good to the unwashed masses of IE users as it does to users of real web browsers.

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  1. ‘ should not be illegal in a file name specified in a URI, it works in Safari and FireFox at any rate and it doesn’t require encoding. Sounds like you found yet another bug in IE/Windows.

  2. Did you actually read the post, Raz? I know that apostrophes are legal in filenames, URI or not, and I also know that said file works fine in every other browser I’ve tried it in, regardless of OS. The problem is – as I said – with Internet Explorer! =o)

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