My Very Own Googlebomb

Partially out of curiosity, partially to point out a flaw in the #aber multipass system, I’ve made my own little googlebomb. For those of you who don’t like reading, a googlebomb is where you manipulate the way that popular search engine Google into falsely linking with great priority a page that it probably should not. I’m sure you all remember “French military victories” and “Weapons of mass destruction”?

Go to Google, type in “Stuii should fix this”, and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”. You’ll be taken to the #aber multipass page of a user who has never existed, a user called “Stuii Should Fix This”.

It’s a pain that when people search for ‘AvaPoet’, the first result is what should be my multipass (but it expired long ago). However, there’s obviously still a lot of places linking to it, so people keep getting that page whenever they look for me. Grr.

In any case; the theory’s been demonstrated plenty of times before… I just wanted to do it for myself. Yay.

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  1. Er. What the Hell does Stuii mean? Isn’t the googlebomb intentional, rather than an acceptably handled error? Feeling very confuzzled…

  2. And another question – if one wished to manipulate this to one’s advantage, is it necessary for the links to be on different domains, or can they all be on the same one, or what?

    Eg should we make a “site index” of KTAB with relevant keywords made into links and sitribute it across many webspaces..? Would adding such a page to KTAB help?

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