My Very Own Googlebomb

Partially out of curiosity, partially to point out a flaw in the #aber multipass system, I’ve made my own little googlebomb. For those of you who don’t like reading, a googlebomb is where you manipulate the way that popular search engine Google into falsely linking with great priority a page that it probably should not. I’m sure you all remember “French military victories” and “Weapons of mass destruction”?

Go to Google, type in “Stuii should fix this”, and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”. You’ll be taken to the #aber multipass page of a user who has never existed, a user called “Stuii Should Fix This”.

It’s a pain that when people search for ‘AvaPoet’, the first result is what should be my multipass (but it expired long ago). However, there’s obviously still a lot of places linking to it, so people keep getting that page whenever they look for me. Grr.

In any case; the theory’s been demonstrated plenty of times before… I just wanted to do it for myself. Yay.

Rory’s In Town

Met up with Rory this lunchtime in MGees: looks like he’s working on moving back to AberWorld whenever he can afford it, and running his business from here. I’m not sure how much of a market there is for payware RSS/ATOM newsfeed readers, but I wish him the best of luck in it anyway. Hopefully he’ll be able to find himself some part-time work to “keep the wolf from his door” <ahem> in the meantime.

Anyway; he’s promised that he’s going to drag not-gay Gareth along to Troma Night tomorrow night, so that’s all-good. On which note; does anybody have any objections to a long-anticipated reshowing Overdrawn At The Memory Bank (MST3k edition)? With Paul‘s co-operation, of course.

Improved Viagra Available From Chemists

As of next week, an improved version of Viagra will be available – without prescription – from your local chemist. Just go up to the counter and request Mycoxafloppin. Satisfy your woman! Cure your errectile disorder! Make $$$ fast! No… wait.

A Slogan For SmartData

SmartData‘s considering this as a new slogan to replace “Enjoy smart business. Make data work for you.” We’ve all been asked to ‘try out’ the proposed new slogan with friends/family/whoever and get some feedback, so I thought I’d put it on my blog. Here we go:

Free time. Work easy. SmartData.

Comments, please.