A Slogan For SmartData

SmartData‘s considering this as a new slogan to replace “Enjoy smart business. Make data work for you.” We’ve all been asked to ‘try out’ the proposed new slogan with friends/family/whoever and get some feedback, so I thought I’d put it on my blog. Here we go:

Free time. Work easy. SmartData.

Comments, please.

5 replies to A Slogan For SmartData

  1. Honestly? Sounds like a buisness for slackers and I have no idea really what you do except its to do with computers and the internet. No offence but thats what the slogan implies to me

  2. The original one is clearer. The new one sounds like it’s been thought up my a marketing company.

    If I knew nothing about the company, the first one is far clearer in describing what it is SmartData do. The latter just leaves me sat here thinking “huh?”.

    The latter will probably appeal to buzzword bingo CXO types though.

    Reminds me of the Scott Adams’ Logitech incident

  3. What does ‘work easy’ mean? I’ve heard of ‘easy work’ and ‘light
    work’, but surely only Americans can ‘work easy’?

    Also it makes your company sound like an oxymoron. I dare say
    the idea is ‘look at us, we achieve the impossible’, but seems
    a trifle trite to me.

    Agree with the slackers comment, too.

    Um… would balance the above with a positive comment
    but can’t think of any…

  4. Grammatically, I think it should be: “Free time. Work easier. SmartData.” But that would destroy the meme somewhat…

    Nah, can’t say I like it much. It’d work underneath a logo, but not if people are actually called upon to say it.

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