Amused Me This Monday Morning

Two things of a religious nature that amused me this morning:

The Rapture Index – what happens if you take the models used to predict global stock exchange behaviour and apply them to biblical prophecy about “the last days”. It’s funny, right up until you realise that they’re absolutely serious. Pretty site, though.

How To Tell If Your Child Is A Goth (and therefore worshipping Satan and in great danger!) – hilariously bad, scary how the fundamentalist Christians find these things to blame for the world’s evils and to find Satan in. I particularly love the fact that you can tell that you have “strayed from the path of the Lord” by what breakfast cereal you eat. I originally lifted the entry from Faye‘s blog, but as she’s made it “friends only” I can’t link to it from here. Archived copy.

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  1. The Pacifist The Pacifist says:

    “The Rapture Index”

    Hmm…. very nice site, and I enjoyed reading the FAQs, although they seemed to get stranger and stranger as I read down..

    Starting with “First of all, there is an important distinction to make. Christians do not believe this because they are Christians; they believe this because it is what God says” – I just thought.. Uh-huh. Typical

    Then when it gets to “Will the Antichrist come out of the European Union?” you really have to wonder….

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