That Time Of Year Again

Well; it’s that time of the year again… the time of year that I sell hot dogs and burgers to Freshers at the Freshers’ Fayre [this time last year], alongside Kit, who’s visiting for that purpose.

This year, I think we’re better prepared materially – as in, we’ve made preparations for if it rains, we’ve got all the equipment ready to pick up, etc. – but I think we’re less well-prepared in other aspects: for example, we didn’t think about a cash float until yesterday. It’ll all be fine, of course – I’m working with a great team who’ll pull everything together no matter what, and this day – the first day of the fayre – is rarely as busy as the other two: giving us a chance to make any alterations to our plans. Nonetheless, I can’t help but feel a little bit apprehensive. Ah well.


  1. Andy Andy says:

    Sure all will go well would wish all good luck but am sure you don’t need it I’m off to go play in rivers for the day and doesn’t it look such a great day for it. Enjoy and hopefully sell many things to many Freshers.

  2. alec alec says:

    Dude, could you take me off abnib please, it gets tracked by google and i want to keep stuff private. Ta

  3. alec alec says:

    could i be taken off abnib please, it gets scanned by google, ta.


  4. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    What on Earth do those comments have to do with Freshers Fair 2004?


    Will stop Google from tracking Abnib for you.

  5. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    As per your request, Alec (which was for some reason posted here, and twice), I’ve stopped Google from processing Abnib. Now all you have to do is realise that your blog itself can still be found on pretty much every search engine. Ah well.

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