Ferreting Out Piracy

The BSA FerretCNet News has a story on the BSA‘s attempts to educate children that copyright evasion and piracy is wrong, with the help of their new cartoon mascot – a ferret (shown).

And yes, I’ve used the picture of their new mascot without their permission. <wink>

Is a ferret really the best mascot they could think of…?


  1. Siân Siân says:

    The ferret disturbs me.

  2. rest not ye andy rest not ye andy says:

    i think it’s more important to note that the ferret is obviously on speed.
    “say no to piracy and yes to drugs”

  3. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    I’d love to see a ferret on speed…

  4. Hmmm…I would imagine that ferrets would pirate things if they could. Mine certainly have no qualms about stealing food.

    BTW, wanna see a REALLY cute ferret?



  5. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    That is a cute ferret (albeit not one on speed). One of yours?

  6. Yup. That’s Elvis. I don’t have any pics of Lisa-Marie uploaded right now, unfortunately.

  7. Denyer Denyer says:

    “Hey kids, it’s Judas the Anti-piracy Weasel!”

    Funny that ferrets are amongst the most thievery-inclined members of the animal kingdom…

  8. Matt Matt says:

    What I never understood was the government’s decision to have the road safety campaign fronted by hedgehogs; the animal famous for spikes and being dead on roads. “Hey kids! When it comes to crossing a road listen and follow the advice of soon-to-be-road-kill”

  9. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    The Register want you to name him. <evil cackle>

  10. Faye Faye says:

    I voted for Evel Knweasel. ;)

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