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Looks like I am making a regular reader out of Reb, my ex-. She posted another comment today. This time I’d improved the trace algorithm already (mostly out of curiosity). She’s connecting from her Tiscali IP ( There’s no (meaningful) firewall running on the connection, and ports 439 (DASP), 445 (Microsoft-DS) [that could be interesting], 1723 (PPTP), 2001 (DC), and 6001 (X11:1) are open for incoming traffic (although the first two are filtered). Interesting that there’s a PPTP and X11 server running at that IP… looks like it’s probably a business server. Might see if I can probe it a little further… that wide-open port 445 looks like an interesting entrance…

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  1. Depends on if you get caught or not…

    Seriously though, the only illegal thing is if you attempt to gain entry to a system (Computer Misuse Act [1990]). Its akin to walking down a street and rattling the doorknobs of the houses.


  2. Dan
    Bless you know so little !! Its a dynamic ip address with a short lease!!
    If you resolve it it tells you its a dsl tiscali connection. By the time this is posted
    it will have changed again.

    So your port scanning (at a later time) a different network that has obtained the ip
    address lease.

    I told you I taught you all you know. You can now see why it did’nt take long.

    Reb x

  3. Are you sure that’s actually Reb and not someone just taking on the persona of ‘angry ex-girlfriend’ to wind you up? Last I heard she was off to live in Spain

  4. That’s what I heard, too, but in previous posts it’s spelling has been as bad as hers, she’s said things that I suspect only she would have… and in the two ‘spamblocked’ posts (she posted the same thing twice from different IPs), she said that she was in Spain.

    I’ve no reason not to believe that it’s her. But, in any case, I don’t particularly care either way. I’m just finding it a momentary amusement on my way to other things. If only the same could have been said of our relationship in the first place.

  5. “posts (she posted the same thing twice from different IPs),”

    And different DSL ISP’s too at the same time no less.

    “No thanks – I had my share of risking catching viruses from you when I slept with you.”

    Sleep is all you were capable of no fear of a STD there. The only thing you exceeded in was spending the rent money.

    See you soon.

    Reb XX

  6. Reb sed:

    And different DSL ISP’s too at the same time no less.

    But don’t you see? That doesn’t help your claim that your ISP is giving you a short lease IP – that would be proven by two posts from different IPs but on the same ISP in very quick succession. All you managed to prove was that you have access to two portals (the second, on, looks likely to be either an anonymiser, a friend, or another computer within arms reach, duh[!]).

    The only thing you exceeded in was spending the rent money.

    I don’t know, I think I’m the only man I know who can fake an orgasm well enough to fool his girlfriend.

    Meh; and the only things you succeeded in were begging for attention (like now?) and counterfeiting pregnancy tests. We were defective in fair share.

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