U.W.A. Professor Dies At ‘Massage’ Parlour

I laughed.

[picture rem0ved]

The chap pictured above, a certain Dr. Williams, professor in economics and astronomy, was found dead this morning at a massage parlour in Cardiff (full story here). Just out of curiosity, I looked up the parlour in question. sexywales.com reports it as follows:

A Touch Of Class Massage
112 Woodville Road, Cardiff
029 2023 6880

It turns out that one has to go all the way to Cardiff to get a good prostitute. I’ve looked on PunterNet UK, and I can’t find any reviews in Aberystwyth at all! It anybody knows of any working girls in Aber, please submit them to PunterNet, as they seem to be lacking!

Anyway; that naughty issue aside, I’ll get back to work.

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  1. Sian Sian says:

    Oh the fun we had over this in the assembly. Lots of fun jokes about rigor mortis (which I can leave to your imagination I’m sure). I’m not sure if I was more worried by the LibDem AM who said “Oh, I don’t know that one” (referring to A Touch of Class) or the AM who said “What’s all the fuss about? I go for aromatherapy massages all the time”. Oh dear…

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