Cool Thing Of The Day

Cool And Interesting Thing Of The Day To Do At The University Of Wales, Aberystwyth, #32:

Go on a tour of the lesser-spotted pubs. End up in a club. Finish drinking at 1am. Still have a hangover twelve hours later. Still have a headache twenty hours later. Realise to your horror that there are a lot of ‘black spots’ in your mind about that night. Realise with even more shock, the following afternoon, that, with alcohol still streaming round your viens, a lecture with John Basterfield is actually interesting. Wonder if this is normal.

The ‘cool and interesting things’ were originally published to a location at which my “friends back home” could read them, during the first few months of my time at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, which I started in September 1999. It proved to be particularly popular, and so now it is immortalised through the medium of my weblog.

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