Why Cities Aren’t Covered in Empty Cans of Coconut Water

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As a comedian I’ve performed in over 30 countries, and I try to spend my days exploring the city I’m in. For years I’ve noticed a common thing in every one — litter. Not just any litter, the same litter in every city, in every country. You know the stuff I’m talking about — crumpled bags from Whole Foods and empty cans of Coconut Water, right? I’m kidding, we never see that. What I consistently observe is probably familiar to you as well — fast food wrappers, soda cans and cigarette butts. Whether at home or abroad, I often pick up after strangers, and this led to two incidents that stuck with me…

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No luck. Had a great GPSr fix, and found two places that I thought would be perfect cache hiding places, but one was empty, and the other was full of the litter of some inconsiderate barbequers: I wonder if the latter used to be the location of this cache, and that it was destroyed by these litterbugs when they left their plastic cups, plates, and burnt-out disposable barbeque there?

I wasn’t carrying so much as a backpack, or I’d have done a litter-pick. Makes me sad to see such a beautiful landscape being destroyed by folks who won’t take their rubbish home with them.