It’s True: I’ve Got Baldness-Of-The-Chin

Dan, beardless
Dan, beardless – click for a biggy

It’s true what’s been implied on Dan & Alex: I am without beard. It’s funny, ‘cos I keep stroking my chin whenever I’m thinking about anything sufficiently hard.

For the benefit of Jon, mostly, there’s a piccy to the left.

Other folks are making a bigger thing of this than I am, in my experience.

In any case – the other piece of news is that Claire and I will be leaving town this evening (probably!) to go up to Preston for my mum’s engagement party. It’s fancy-dress: I can’t say here what we’re going as (we’re not telling the folks up there until they see us), but we’ll say this much: we’re going as a “couple”, and my sudden shaving and Claire’s recent hairstyle change are both related to our costumes. I’ll try to get some pictures and more info on here as soon as I can.

So; you lot can sort out Troma Night between yourselves, if you’re having one.

After Preston, we’re catching up with JTA and Ruth in Durham and going up to Edinburgh with them. Did I not mention that? Whoops. Well; if I’d made plans with you this week, my apologies – I’ve been at least a little absent-minded of late, which I’d also be telling you about right now but I’ve got packing and shit to do before we can hit the road… so I’d better sign off.