Godzilla’s Family Vlog Review – Episode ??

Just because there hasn’t BEEN an episode of Godzilla Huntley’s IRL (the “Family Vlog”) in a long while doesn’t mean that I can’t do a review of one, right?

Right? See Godzilla’s channel (to complain about the lack of a new vlog yet).

Music: Starkey, by Koona, used under a Creative Commons license.

With special thanks to Doreen Huntley for the idea that turned into this video.

Also available on YouTube.

“Jump Man” from Footprints Tours Oxford making people jump around outside the Bodleian Library

If you’re a tourist on one of “Jump Man” of Footprints Tours’ tours, I’m sure that the obligatory “jump for a photograph” moment at the end is a fun novelty. However, the novelty quickly wears off when you work in one of the library offices right next to their usual spot, and the call of “3… 2… 1… JUMP!” is the loudest thing you hear all day, each day, throughout the summer season.

Also available on YouTube.

View through vents from ventilation shafts above Victoria Line platforms, Euston tube station

In May 2016 I was lucky enough to get to take a tour through the disused/non-public tunnels underneath Euston Station in London. The whole experience was fantastic, but a particular highlight was getting to stand in a ventilation shaft directly above the Victoria Line platforms, where this video was taken. Travelling the underground, it’s easy to be unaware of the network of tunnels around the ones you’re in, bringing air and electricity from the surface.

Also available on YouTube.