Geohashing expedition 2019-01-08 51 -1 (video)

On the morning of my 38th birthday I set out on an expedition to the geohashpoint in my graticule as a diversion from my way to work: read my full hash log for details (or on the geohashing wiki). Inspired by a spot near the hashpoint, I also hid a geocache (“2019-01-08 51 -1, 09:19”, OK049E, GC827X6). You can download my tracklog [GPX] here.

Also available on YouTube and on QTube.

Geohashing near Winchester (2018-08-23 50 -1)

My original plan to divert to the 2018-08-23 51 -1 hashpoint during my planned journey North-to-South along almost the entire length of the 51 -1 graticule was ruined somewhat by the hashpoint turning out be farther North than my starting point! So I changed plans and overshot my destination in order to visit the 50 -1 hashpoint, instead (and find a couple of geocaches on the way). Here’s how that went.

Also available on YouTube and on QTube.

Godzilla’s Family Vlog Review – Episode ??

Just because there hasn’t BEEN an episode of Godzilla Huntley’s IRL (the “Family Vlog”) in a long while doesn’t mean that I can’t do a review of one, right?

Right? See Godzilla’s channel (to complain about the lack of a new vlog yet).

Music: Starkey, by Koona, used under a Creative Commons license.

With special thanks to Doreen Huntley for the idea that turned into this video.

Also available on YouTube.