Highlights of “The Ambassador’s Notebook”, a Daggerville Games Murder Mystery, at Greendale

Seeing me as a keen murder mystery game party host, new company Daggerville Games offered me a free game from their collection. We played The Ambassador’s Notebook. This video accompanies a blog post, which is visible at.

The music is Struttin’ With Some Barbecue, performed by Louis Armstrong.

Also available on YouTube.

Godzilla’s Family Vlog Review – Episode 12 – Secret Birthday Bonus

My review of Episode 12 of Godzilla Huntley’s Family Vlog was filmed on-location, secretly, in Godzilla’s bedroom, which I visited and broke into while she was on holiday in the USA. Later, I left her a birthday present (it was her birthday a few weeks earlier), hidden in her own room, and only when she finds THIS video will she know where it is!

Also available on YouTube.