• JavaScript Random Quote Generator

    10 September, 2004

    A friend sent me an e-mail yesterday asking if I knew of a simple random quote generator that she could embed on her web page. So I’ve written one, and I’m making it available here on the off chance that anybody else wants it too. It’s implemented in JavaScript, and works simply by including a seperate .js file within the

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  • Violently Ill

    8 September, 2004

    Argh. The worst part of being so horribley ill is the moment when you’re dashing to the toilet before you pebbledash the floor with your arse… and at that moment you realise that your stomach is about to eject it’s contents, too. What a paradox. In any case – it’s not all bad news: the Ship & Castle has been

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  • Happy Fun Weekend

    6 September, 2004

    It’s so much nicer coming back to the office on a Monday after a weekend both relaxing and productive, with lots of happy fun time with friends. Managed to tidy the flat, do heaps of laundry, have a successful Troma Night (three films, a decent crowd, and everybody hung on in ’til the end despite knackeredness), a sedate but moderately

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  • The Scary Baby Conspiracy

    5 September, 2004

    Now here’s an idea for an Illuminati: The Game Of Conspiracy “Illuminati” card – The Scary Baby Conspiracy. Suggestions for the Scary Baby Conspiracy’s unique win condition and any special rules are welcome (from anybody who actually knows what Illuminati is). Fnord. On which note – it’s Geek Night tonight! Hopefully we can have a couple of games of Carcassonne

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  • A.I. Nuts, Again

    4 September, 2004

    Do you remember a week or two ago I wrote about a guy who patented the “Ethical Rules Of Artificial Intelligence”? Well – it looks like he’s read my article and placed his own comments. I’m quite surprised and impressed that he took the time (away from his heavy schedule of philosophising or book-signing or whatever) to come and read

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  • Sweet Sounds Of Perl

    3 September, 2004

    Claire‘d like this, as she’s been programming a lot of Perl recently: There’s a guy who uses Perl code to generate music in nightclubs. So far, so good. Well, now, he’s taken to writing the code that generates the music live, in front of an audience. Of course, this brings up a whole suite of new issues, technological and otherwise.

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  • Mr. Sinus Theater 3000 In Name-Theft Lawsuit

    2 September, 2004

    The Austin Business Journal reports that the makers of Mystery Science Theater 3000 are taking to court the makers of a new show, Mr. Sinus Theater 3000, in which a group of guys sit in front of a cinema screen and take the piss out of the films they watch. And fair enough: it seems to me that this is

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  • Sick And Wrong Use Of Emacs

    1 September, 2004

    I’ve been made aware of an easter egg in emacs, a text editor. Fire up a copy of emacs, hit meta-X (alt-x), then type doctor to talk to an ELIZA-like chatbot. Better yet, type psychoanalyze-pinhead to… well… you’ll see… Have my two-tone, 1958 Nash METRO brought around..I don’t understand.So this is what it feels like to be potato saladDo you

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