Reply to An Accidentally ‘Anti-January’ January

Siobhan said:

I fell off the blogging bandwagon just as everyone else was hopping onto it.

I was just thinking the same! It felt like everybody and their dog did Bloganuary last month, meanwhile I went in the opposite direction!

Historically, there’s been an annual dip in my blogging around February/March (followed by a summer surge!), but in recent years it feels like that hiatus has shifted to January (I haven’t run the numbers yet to be sure, though).

I don’t think that’s necessarily a problem, for me at least. I write for myself first, others afterwards, and so it follows that if I blog when it feels right then an ebb-and-flow to my frequency ought to be a natural consequence. But it still interests me that I have this regular dip, and I wonder if it affects the quality of my writing in any way. I feel the pressure, for example, for post-hiatus blogging to have more impact the longer it’s been since I last posted! Like: “it’s been so long, the next thing I publish has to be awesome, right?”, as if my half-dozen regular readers are under the assumption that I’m always cooking-up something and the longer it’s been, the better it’s going to be.

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