The comprehensive @id3 v2 system for #MP3 metadata doesn’t seem to have an “explicit content” flag. I’m using an experimental XRAT frame (with a ‘1’ or ‘0’) for now, but I wonder if anyone’s already “solved” this in a better way?

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    • Yeah, that seems to be the consensus, but it’s not suitable for my use-case. Also: we shouldn’t have to rely on filenames for metadata! ID3v2.4 provides so many official metadata frames: it feels like the next iteration could enjoy just one more. (But I don’t care quite enough to join the mailing list, so I’m just shouting into the void instead!)

  1. Hello DanQ! You seem like an extremely interesting person, and I have visited partly due to your posting in the Metafilter webring Meta. But this latest blog post reads like another language to me, as I am likely as far from your target audience as it is possible to get. Nevertheless, hello and good luck solving the thing!

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