The Ad Graveyard

The Ad Graveyard collects some of the best and funniest rejected and cancelled advertisements in the world.

Cancelled advertisement: man on a bike, photographed at an angle at which his tan-coloured bicycle seat appears to be his penis.

Wet And Wild

There’s a notice out today not to park on Marine Terrace… and with good reason. From the superior viewpoint offered from my office, it’s crazy to watch the sea coming over the harbour bar in a way I’ve never seen before: I’m familiar with stormy days where the waves are crashing over the wall, but today is just so windy that the waves are simply being blown over, pouring like a waterfall, constantly, down into the harbour.

Up-river, the tide has broken through a boat-gate and is flooding Trefechan gardens. It’s amazing to watch. If I had a good enough video capture device I’d post of video of it for you. But I don’t have such a thing to hand.

I went out with the usual crew for a few drinks in Scholars last night, then retired for quick blast at Paper Mario and an early night… but, sadly, I made the mistake of eating a little too much chocolate, feeling pretty shitty as a result, and going to bed. On the upside, I now feel like I’ve caught up on all the sleep I’ve missed out on these last few days. Meanwhile, Claire watched Phantom Of The Opera with Hayley, returning home late and trying to converse with me, which – in light of my having pretty much passed out after a chocolate-induced buzz – was somewhat unsucessful. Ah well.