Dan Q found GC1WXE1 A Road Anarchy A417 – Stand & Deliver

This checkin to GC1WXE1 A Road Anarchy A417 - Stand & Deliver reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Not the first place I looked! Came out this way, this morning, to find the nearby 2021-12-22 51 -2 geohashpoint (it’s about two kilometres West of this GZ) and, during my return journey, noticed that this cache was close by. TFTC.

Geohashing expedition 2021-12-22 51 -2

This checkin to geohash 2021-12-22 51 -2 reflects a geohashing expedition. See more of Dan's hash logs.


East side of Syde; side of a Syde Farm field.



I’m going to be going half way here anyway on an errand. Might as well enjoy a morning hike and expand my Minesweeper grid, if I can.


Given that I was driving half way from home to this hashpoint to run an errand anyway, I figured I might as well push the battery on the EV a little further. Coming over the graticule line would, if successful, expand my Minesweeper score, and as it’s such a beautiful frosty morning it seemed like great conditions for a bit of an explore.

I’d hoped to drive most of the way to the hashpoint and only walk a short distance, but I soon discovered that the nearest road is signposted as being for access to Syde Farm only (and is narrow enough that passing a vehicle coming the other way would be extremely awkward), so I parked up near geocache GC1WXE1 and hiked along a frozen bridleway to get closer to the hashpoint.

Reached the hashpoint around 10:15, turned around, and headed back, nabbing the geocache on the way. By the time I reached the car my hands were freezing and it was only as I returned my GPSr to my coat pocket that I remembered that I’d been carrying my gloves all along.


Entire journey

Map showing route from Bourton-on-the-Water to Stanton Harcourt via the 2021-12-22 51 -2 hashpoint.

Walking part (after I remembered to start tracking it)

Map showing walking route around the 2021-12-22 51 -2 hashpoint.