Review of The Highwayman Hotel

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You know that episode of insert-any-sitcom-here where three friends (one goofy, one sarcastic, one comedic foil) decide that despite having no relevant experience they think that they can do something deceptively challenging, like for example… running a bar? Visiting The Highwayman the other weekend felt just. Like. That. Like a group of inept but fun-loving lads “winging it”.

And you know what? Somehow it works. The food was good (and great value), the service friendly and caring, the facilities fine. Unlike the characters of your seventh-favourite sitcom, these guys actually make it work and run a fab family pub. I’m not sure HOW they make it work, because from the outside they seem like a group of lovable oafs, not grounded publicans, but they do.

We’re looking forward to experiencing The Highwayman again, and not just in a “when it’s on Dave or Netflix” way. We’re committed, now, and we’re buying the box set.

Map of 51.8314924,-1.3011782

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