Permalink Generator

If you’ve ever applied for a job with my employer, the University of Oxford, you’ll have come across, one of the most-frustrating websites in the world. Of its many problems, the biggest (in my mind) is that it makes it really hard to share or save the web address of a particular job listing. That’s because instead of using individual web addresses to correspond to individual jobs, like any sanely-designed system would, it uses Javascript hackery and black magic to undermine the way your web browser was designed to work (which is why, you’ll find, you can’t “open in new tab” properly either), and instead provides its own, inferior, interface.

Some day I might get around to writing e.g. a userscript and/or browser plugin that “fixes” the site – from a user’s perspective, at least. But for the time being, because this morning I needed to share via social media a link to a UX developer post we’ve just advertised, I’ve come up with a little bookmarklet to fix this single problem: Permalink Generator

Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar, then - when on the site - click it to use it.

This tool makes it easy to get permalinks (web addresses you can save or share) for job listings on It might be adaptable to make it work with other CoreHR-powered systems, if it turns out that this missing feature comes from the underlying software that powers the site: it could also form the basis of a future userscript that would automatically fix the site “on the fly”. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Drag the link below into your browser’s bookmarks (e.g. the bookmarks toolbar). permalink

  2. When you’re on a job page, click on the bookmark. A permalink will appear at the top of the page, for your convenience. If you’re using a modern browser, the permalink will also appear in the address bar.
  3. Copy the permalink and use it wherever you need it, e.g. to share the link to a job listing.

If you have any difficulty with it or want help adapting it for use with other CoreHR systems, give me a shout.

View through vents from ventilation shafts above Victoria Line platforms, Euston tube station

In May 2016 I was lucky enough to get to take a tour through the disused/non-public tunnels underneath Euston Station in London. The whole experience was fantastic, but a particular highlight was getting to stand in a ventilation shaft directly above the Victoria Line platforms, where this video was taken. Travelling the underground, it’s easy to be unaware of the network of tunnels around the ones you’re in, bringing air and electricity from the surface.

Also available on YouTube.

Dan Q found GLN40D2N London NiKaJaDa Cache 8 – Fighting Candle

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Found while on the way to a meeting this morning. GPSr was “off” and I spent a while looking up poles on the wing side of the road before I worked out where ought to be looking! TFTC.

Dan Q found GLN1Q2A5 Motorway Mayhem: M40 J2

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Stopped off here to deliver a forgotten bag to my partner’s brother, who drove the other way to meet me here, while I was waiting for him to arrive. Luckily he was running late because it took me a good 20 minutes to find the cache. Rather embarrassing really, once I found it: should’ve spotted it earlier!

Afterwards, shouted at some yobs for littering. Why do people do that? :-(

Dan Q will attend GC6HN05 The BAD Horse

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Literally 10 minutes walk from my house, so I hope to be able to attend (I need to double-check that I’ve not already committed myself to babysitting duties that night, first, but odds look very good for me).

Edit (2016-06-02 18:58 BST): Okay! On the way! See you soon!