Off into surgery: wish me luck!

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Apparently when I had wisdom teeth removed, ooh, a little over 25 years ago, the dentist who did so fucked up and managed to leave fragments of tooth embedded in my gum, which might have been harmless except that they’ve lately become infected with something and are may ultimately threaten my jawbone.

So, yeah. In about 15 minutes I’m off into surgery. Local anaesthetic (though I’m wondering if I should have opted for general… gulp!), then some digging around in my gums to pull out some pieces of tooth shrapnel: nice, eh?

Wish me luck, Masons!

Update: Went swimmingly! Minimal pain/discomfort, lovely surgery staff. A++ would thingy again. Which is for the best, because I’ve got a slightly more-complex (related) procedure on the other side of my mouth in five weeks or so!


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